Borough Council

The Council

The Highspire Borough Council meets at 7:00 pm on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held at the Borough Building, 640 Eshelman Street. The 2nd Tuesday is the council workshop meeting. At this meeting, Council goes through the up coming agenda and discusses the items in full detail so that the council meeting on the 3rd Tuesday goes smoothly. All meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend. Anyone needing assistance is to call the Borough Office at least three days in advance.

The Highspire Borough Council consists of the President, Vice President, and five Council Members. The following is a list of scheduled meetings for 2022. All meetings are held on Tuesdays unless otherwise noted.

Click on the dates below to read the minutes from that meeting. Minutes are normally available a month after the current meeting when they are approved.

State Government Officials

How to contact your state Government Officials. Click on their name to view their website.

Representative Patty Kim

State Representative
8 South Front Street
Steelton, PA 17113
Phone: 717-986-1673
HBG Phone: 717-783-9342

Senator John DiSanto

State Senator
Senate Box 203015
Harrisburg, PA  17120-3015
Room 168 Main Capitol

Senator Bob Casey, Jr.

US Senator
22 S. Third Street, Ste 6A
Harrisburg, PA 17101
HBG Phone: 717-231-7540
DC Phone: 866-802-2833

Senator John Fetterman

US Senator
Strawberry Square Building
320 Market Street
Suite 475E
Harrisburg, PA 17101
HBG Phone: 717-782-3951
DC Phone: 202-224-4254

Representative Daniel Meuser

US Representative
4813 Jonestown Road
Suite 101
Harrisburg, PA 17109
HBG Phone: 717-525-7002
DC Phone: 855-241-5144

Highspire Borough Elected Officials

Michael Anderson

Council President
Term Expires 12/31/2025

Carolee Roman

Council Member
Term Expires 12/31/2027

Dorothy Matesevac

Council Member
Term Expires 12/31/2027

A. Kay Sutch

Council Member
Term Expires 12/31/2027

Robert Sutch

Council Member
Term Expires 12/31/2025

Mark Accorsi

Vice President
Term Expires 12/31/2027


Tyler Thatcher

Council Member
Term Expires 12/31/2025

Von E. Hess

Term Expires 12/31/2025