Pavilion Reservation Application

Highspire Borough Park Rules

The park is open from dawn to dusk. 

You are required to dispose of all garbage and trash in the appropriate receptacles. Additional cleanup charges will be assessed if the Borough has to clean up the pavilion other than empting the trash receptacles. 

Vehicular traffic is prohibited in the park.

No alcoholic beverages, pets, fireworks or weapons of ANY kind are permitted in the park.

Loud music and disorderly conduct are prohibited.

Destructive and immoral acts are prohibited

Park users will not damage or destroy any facility, including picnic benches, recreational equipment or trees, bushes and flowers etc.

Golfing in the park is prohibited.

Charcoal and gas stoves are permitted. No open burning of wood or trash is permitted.

Children using the park and playground equipment shall be supervised by an adult or another responsible individual.

Animals are prohibited in the park.

Please respect the rights of other park users.